Leak Detection

Finding a leak in your swimming pool can be very challenging.  Our techs are skilled at diagnosing and finding your problems. Many times a full leak detection is not needed.  We use processes such as pressure testing,  dye testing,  static tests,  and isolations to find your leak.  Once we have determined there is a leak in your lines we use sonar to pin point the leak.

Unlike other companies we don’t make you pay for a full leak detection if it is not needed.  Very often the leak is a simple problem that can be diagnosed and repaired without the cost of a full detection.

Leak Repair

Once the leak has been found, there is no repair too big or small for us to repair. If repairs are made through the deck we can repair/replace most decking.  Our techs will let you know at the time of estimate how to proceed with deck work. We also do epoxy repairs for underwater, eliminating the need to drain pools for some repairs.

Equipment Repair

Almost every pool has a unique equipment set up.  We can repair/replace any type of equipment. Pumps,  motors,  filters,  valves,  grids. We do it all. Because there are so many different variations of pool equipment we will need to see your equipment before we can quote on repair/replace.

Supply Delivery

We know how expensive pool supplies and chemicals are to buy from your local store.  We now offer a delivery service to bring the chemicals to you.  Let us save you some time, hassle and money.  Start enjoying your pool again! Please call for estimate for chemical delivery.